This is when I turn my "side job" into part of my "day job"!  During the last 15 years, I've been involved in the production of several-dozen live music events featuring both local talent and internationally renowned Latin music artists and bands.  From 2000 to 2010, I was a member of the production team of the world-renowned Carnaval San Francisco Festival and Parade.  I also worked with the producers of the Oakland Cinco de Mayo Festival (during its peak years), and the Oakland Día de Los Muertos Festival (as webmaster).  I was also the webmaster and online marketing consultant for the San Francisco Cinco de Mayo Festival.  I can put this experience at your service.  Whether you need to hire a band for a private event, or need help producing a festival, I (and my team) can take care of all your event-management needs!

  • LIVE MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT: I'm the booking agent for several artists and bands, mainly in the Latin music genres.  I have also produced several-dozen live music events.  Because of this experience and the contacts I've developed in the Latin music industry, I am able to provide a wide range of live music entertainment options for different events, including corporate events, festivals, wedding-reception parties, birthday parties, anniversary parties, quinceañeras, among others.
  • EVENTS' WEBSITES: During the last 15-plus years, I've had the opportunity to work with several private events and festival organizers as their webmaster, and online marketing consultant.  Some of the projects I've been involved with include setting up websites for business organizations and non-profits for conferences (including online registrations/RSVP, and online payments) and festivals, including the San Francisco Cinco de Mayo Festival, Oakland Cinco de Mayo Festival, Carnaval San Francisco, and Día de Los Muertos Festival (in Oakland).  I also design and manage eNewsletter campaigns.  To view an example of an online newsletter for Angelicas (Redwood City, CA), click here.  If you are planning an event or festival, I'll be glad to provide you with a website development proposal.  I can help with the development of the website, setting up online payment systems, building your email list, and sending out eNewsletters, and designing sponsorship packets.

My Latin music promotion agency, Montuno Productions, Inc., booked the following artists: 

Edgardo & Candela - Headliners at the 2013 San Francisco Cinco de Mayo Festival

Edgardo & Candela

Latin Rhythm Boys - Stanford University's Multicultural Festival - May 26, 2016

Latin Rhythm Boys at Stanford University


Private event at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory on Wednesday, September 12th, 2012.  My Latin music promotion business, Montuno Productions, booked Orquesta La Fuerza Gigante for this event.

Fuerza Gigante at Lawrence Livermore Lab


Montuno Productions